Security printing

Placing our client’s safety and integrity at the heart of every step we make.

  • Safeguarding our client’s products from copying, counterfeiting and adulterating is what we are specialized for.
  • Dedicated to continuous research, risk analyses, advanced development and manufacturing of most comprehensive print security and authentication solutions, we ensure our client’s products are put in the safest hands.
  • By making sure our clients always receive exactly what they need and on time, we devise and implement wide-ranging custom designed and uniquely integrated, complete print solutions for all segments of the product security industry.

We offer unique authentication solutions, world-class security printing technology, extensive covert and overt product security features, all devised to prevent any counterfeiting action in many affected industries, such as:

  • Tobacco
  • Alcohol
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Currency
  • Governmental sector
  • Banking
  • Consumer products, etc.

We pride ourselves on growing and retaining close, long-term relations with our clients who have entrusted us with their safety, which have contributed to shaping our production, technical expertise and security levels to excellence.

Hence, the overall production processes are consistently conveyed under 24/7 multi-level security surveillance, supplemented with highly trained security professionals, electronically secured and controlled accesses, special safety areas and protocols for securing client’s property and data in accordance with the company’s policy and the requirements of the ISO management systems.

What else do we offer?

A never-ending passion for new ideas

In a world where clients and consumers demand excellence, we believe delight leads to demand. Guided by the latest design trends and market requirements, boundless ideas are being brought to life and turned into captivating product designs.

The Pre-press section, as an operational segment integrated in the overall production process, represents an essential link between the design of products and their printing.

The exploit of the most recent breakthroughs and the outstanding technology of Heidelberg’s Suprasetter CTP equipment enable us to swiftly produce top-quality printing plates, fully compatible with all our printing machinery.

The world is moving fast that is why we have to move even faster.

Our broad experience and vast capabilities in the printing business, balance creativity and pragmatism in building the foundation for meeting the most demanding production challenges which excel expectations.

By continually investing in the premium quality of Heidelberg’s and Roland’s press equipment and being always in keeping with the latest industrial developments, we have found the most apposite solution that serves our goal – consistently high product quality and speed in equal measure.

With attention to last detail in showcasing originality and supremacy, we tend to demonstrate that print continues to be an essential and relevant medium with endless potentials craving to be unveiled.  

The pursuit of perfection in creating recognizable creative solutions and flawlessly produced printed products is our driving force.

The final stage before the printed products are timely delivered to our clients.

The broad finishing machinery introduced from internationally renowned manufacturers skillfully combined with the years of experience, enable us to entirely cover the overall finishing process chain with mesmerizing effects and end results.

For every challenge, from the simplest to the most impressive finishing and everything in between, we are here to make everything possible in the most efficient and responsible way.  

Knowing the most complex technical requirements, we provide a wide range of specialized finishing services that contribute to the end product always being unique and recognizable.   

In postpress services we include, among others:

  • Fully automated die-cutting
  • Creasing and embossing
  • Programmable and computer-controlled cutting
  • Collating
  • Tunnel cutting
  • Hot foil stamping
  • Saddle stitching
  • Genuine engraving
  • Lamination
  • Punching and grooving
  • Folding, customized gluing and stitching

Delivering personalized communications at high speed and volume.

Personalized bills and statements, high volumes of direct mailing, all types of transactional documents and tax pay slips – whatever our clients need to mail, we are here to process it safely, swiftly and cost effectively, while paying greatest emphasis on quality, accuracy and time.

By utilizing our in-house specialized billing system with state-of-art mailing equipment installed and reliable key personnel engaged, our clients are always ahead of their competition. The particularly configured billing department allows incessant possibilities for effectively and efficiently meeting individual client requirements via:

  • 3 KERN and 1 NEOPOST enveloping machines with daily enveloping capacity of more than 160.000 enveloped mailings
  • 10 NASUATEC laser printers for swift personalization and printing capacity of more than 2.000.000 memos a day
  • Tailored software for tracking and bar code/OCR/Data Matrix reading
  • Skilled technical support available 24/7
  • 24/7 multi-level security and surveillance system
  • Separate protocols for protecting client’s data and property in line with legal regulations

Key players in the fields of telecommunications, banking and utility services have entrusted us with transactional documents essential for their businesses. Thereby, empowering our performance in handling billions of transactional documents every year, while saving our clients budgets in the process.